Shark Stratos Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Anti Hair Wrap Plus & Clean Sense IQ, Mid Grey



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Shark Stratos IZ420UKT Pet Pro Model Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Anti Hair Wrap Plus & Clean Sense IQ, Mid Grey

Introducing the ultimate cordless vacuum cleaner for homes with pets from Shark’s Stratos collection. Enjoy Shark’s best ever hair pick-up with Anti Hair Wrap Plus.

Tired of removing tangled hair from your brush-roll? Anti Hair Wrap Plus removes long, short and pet hair from the brush-roll as you clean so you don’t have to.

Perfect for all floor types: The DuoClean floorhead glides from carpets to hard floors with two motorised brush-rolls working together in one floorhead – the Anti Hair Wrap Plus brush-roll cleans deep into carpets, drawing out embedded dirt and picking up hair, while a soft front brush-roll draws in debris and lifts stuck-on dust from hard floors. LED headlights in the floorhead illuminate hidden dust.

Clean Sense IQ: Senses the dirt you can’t see and auto-adjusts cleaning power for up to 50% more dirt pick-up*. An intelligent indicator in the floorhead illuminates as the suction automatically increases to meet a cleaning challenge and decreases again when the dirt is cleared.

Anti-Odour Technology: Protects against bad odours inside the vacuum for a fresher-smelling home. A unique cartridge system guards against dust cup odours commonly caused by hair, dust and dander.

Flexology bends so you don’t have to: At the touch of a button, this flexible wand bends to reach and clean underneath low-lying furniture. When you’ve finished cleaning, fold down for compact, freestanding storage and charging.

Twin battery model: Enjoy up to 120 minutes of run-time**. The removable batteries can be charged on or off the vacuum, wherever suits you – you can even charge both batteries at once in the Dual Charging Dock.

Transform into a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner: Perfect for cleaning stairs, soft furnishings, in the car and reaching up high with the wand. This Pet Pro model includes a Multi-Surface Tool, Anti-Allergen Brush, 12” Crevice Tool and Motorised Pet Tool, purposefully designed to remove embedded hair from upholstery. You also get a handy Accessory Bag to store all your attachments.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal: Captures and traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, not releasing them back into the air you breathe***

Easy to use: The LED Smart Display shows battery status and suction level. Intuitive controls are conveniently placed on the handle, including Boost for extra power.

Winner NameTicket NumberDraw Date
Sharon Smith 441 08/11/2023


Ticket NumberDateName
12023-11-06 15:51:48Shiralee Ward
22023-11-07 16:35:42Karen Matthews
32023-11-07 09:48:14Kelly Wegner
42023-11-07 16:35:42Karen Matthews
52023-11-08 14:28:49No Christine Scarbrough
62023-11-03 07:40:47Sarah Heal
72023-11-07 16:35:42Karen Matthews
82023-11-07 15:42:52Sophie Purkiss
92023-11-03 14:04:58Lianne Hill
102023-11-01 14:18:24Jill Higham
112023-11-08 11:14:36Jade Neville
122023-11-08 15:47:36Amy Binnie
132023-11-03 22:57:46Hayley Leaman
142023-11-08 16:23:02Jodi Rogers
152023-11-08 17:08:10Caroline carpenter
162023-11-01 14:25:17Oliver Lucas
172023-11-07 10:13:43Mary Screech
182023-11-05 21:52:06Jill Higham
192023-11-08 21:05:47Leighanna Launchbury
202023-11-08 19:34:30Danny Lampard
212023-11-08 11:11:24LJ Storer no
222023-11-08 11:57:45Sarah Frost
232023-11-08 16:19:42AJ B
242023-11-08 16:19:42AJ B
252023-11-08 17:22:53Kealey Whitbread
262023-11-08 18:57:31Hayley Woodhouse
272023-11-01 14:25:17Oliver Lucas
282023-11-06 11:00:27Stacey Hawtin
292023-11-01 21:37:03Sasha Tucker
302023-11-08 15:47:36Amy Binnie
312023-11-08 16:28:00Miss Kimberley Sharman
322023-11-08 17:11:18Donna lloyd
332023-11-02 07:06:43Sam Rea
342023-11-06 22:02:24Cherie Colley
352023-11-08 18:47:51Lois Cole
362023-11-03 14:04:58Lianne Hill
372023-11-08 20:17:43Khadine Coyle
392023-11-08 19:52:00ALEXANDER CLELAND
402023-11-08 19:48:41Jade Hulme
412023-11-08 20:33:11Tania Smith
422023-11-08 16:36:07Hannah Charnley
432023-11-08 20:39:39JOSEPH PARTINGTON
462023-11-08 19:48:15Barbara Maull
472023-11-08 17:17:52Sarah Frost
482023-11-08 19:41:26Grahame Bullen
492023-11-08 20:10:13Anita Passmore
502023-11-08 19:05:42Julie Frayne
512023-11-07 07:46:44Charlotte Steel
522023-11-08 17:11:18Donna lloyd
542023-11-08 18:17:28Nikki COOMBES
552023-11-06 18:48:44Lesley Cairns
562023-11-03 15:06:49Kennedy Rory
572023-11-08 17:29:21DHLB W
582023-11-08 19:10:02Rachael Morton
592023-11-08 18:57:54Phillip Drew
612023-11-05 21:37:02Megan Shillabeer
622023-11-08 20:52:49Mark Seal
632023-11-08 18:56:41Gloria Fisher
642023-11-08 19:24:36Jackie Mellor
652023-11-08 19:38:36Wayne Darby
662023-11-03 14:12:07Emma Harris
672023-11-08 20:04:18Destiny Nolan
682023-11-08 19:53:32Jennifer Preston
692023-11-08 16:20:22D T
732023-11-08 20:48:34Sarah Burnard
742023-11-08 19:44:41Andrew James
762023-11-08 20:48:34Sarah Burnard
772023-11-08 14:54:18emma brazenell
782023-11-08 20:32:44Megan Thompson
792023-11-08 20:42:11Lisa Bailey
802023-11-08 16:46:22Jane Armstrong
812023-11-02 09:47:26Karen Alder
822023-11-08 19:34:30Danny Lampard
832023-11-03 08:28:19Andrew Kennard
842023-11-08 08:44:04Richard Higham
862023-11-08 09:45:54Aneta Mikolajczyk
872023-11-08 14:54:18emma brazenell
882023-11-08 20:51:05Elizabeth Williams
892023-11-08 19:48:41Jade Hulme
902023-11-08 20:52:54Quinton Williams
912023-11-08 16:46:22Jane Armstrong
922023-11-08 14:22:48Amanda Hamilton
942023-11-08 16:46:22Jane Armstrong
952023-11-08 20:26:24Marie Sandford
962023-11-08 18:47:51Mickey R
972023-11-08 20:51:38Chloe Driscoll
982023-11-08 19:59:59Cheryl Fletcher
992023-11-08 20:05:59Alexander Ross
1002023-11-03 09:37:46Gemma Harrison
1012023-11-08 16:20:22D T
1022023-11-08 14:17:06Leah Hamilton
1032023-11-06 21:54:54Gemma Wilson
1042023-11-08 19:26:44makayla Snell
1052023-11-08 20:48:34Sarah Burnard
1062023-11-08 20:48:34Sarah Burnard
1072023-11-08 15:37:20Maja Smith
1092023-11-08 16:19:42AJ B
1102023-11-08 20:33:11Tania Smith
1112023-11-08 20:26:25Julie Soper
1122023-11-05 12:23:36Natasha Palmer
1132023-11-06 18:48:44Lesley Cairns
1142023-11-08 21:02:54S E H
1152023-11-08 20:48:34Sarah Burnard
1172023-11-08 08:04:32Rachael Burns
1192023-11-08 19:38:44Graham Vittles
1202023-11-08 19:36:26Kate Beverley
1212023-11-08 20:33:09Elizabeth Myatt
1232023-11-08 21:08:07C B
1242023-11-08 19:26:44makayla Snell
1252023-11-08 18:59:33Sharon Smith
1262023-11-07 21:36:12charlotte proctor
1272023-11-08 19:41:26Grahame Bullen
1302023-11-08 13:51:00Jennie Barnard
1312023-11-08 20:28:49Tracy Crocker
1322023-11-08 19:53:32Jennifer Preston
1342023-11-08 18:57:31Hayley Woodhouse
1352023-11-08 18:01:20Alana Williams
1362023-11-08 20:48:34Sarah Burnard
1382023-11-08 20:52:49Mark Seal
1402023-11-08 17:01:40Elise bradford
1422023-11-08 20:48:34Sarah Burnard
1432023-11-08 20:01:17Sadie thomas
1442023-11-08 21:04:36Ma Roberts
1462023-11-08 17:16:43Kas S
1472023-11-08 12:50:27Leanne Jordan
1482023-11-08 20:28:38lisa Cunningham
1502023-11-08 21:02:54S E H
1512023-11-07 09:48:14Kelly Wegner
1542023-11-08 18:11:59Kerry Twaites
1552023-11-06 23:05:55Jodie Pearson
1562023-11-08 20:23:13Emily Vine
1572023-11-08 17:29:21DHLB W
1582023-11-08 18:17:28Nikki COOMBES
1592023-11-07 16:59:04Daniel Dale
1612023-11-08 20:26:40Natalie Mogg
1632023-11-08 20:48:34Sarah Burnard
1642023-11-08 19:07:31Fiona Lakeman
1662023-11-08 20:51:05Elizabeth Williams
1672023-11-08 13:51:00Jennie Barnard
1682023-11-08 20:51:05Elizabeth Williams
1692023-11-08 13:38:50Lauren Jeffery
1702023-11-05 08:53:41Bernise Clark
1712023-11-08 18:26:52Angela Short
1742023-11-08 18:50:29Hollie Lang
1752023-11-08 19:03:08Stephie Jones
1772023-11-05 19:48:00Samantha Upton
1782023-11-08 14:17:06Leah Hamilton
1792023-11-08 20:50:31Laura Strong
1802023-11-08 08:04:32Rachael Burns
1832023-11-08 20:20:50Lori Jacobsen
1842023-11-04 20:55:14Morgan Samuels
1852023-11-08 19:53:32Jennifer Preston
1862023-11-08 19:37:23Trudi Stoyle
1872023-11-08 20:48:34Sarah Burnard
1882023-11-08 17:20:44Kayleigh Garrett
1892023-11-08 20:32:03Kirsty Redmile
1902023-11-08 13:21:28Sharon White
1912023-11-01 14:34:37Bj M
1922023-11-04 21:24:18Victoria Moroney
1932023-11-08 20:09:21Fern Cornish
1942023-11-08 20:48:34Sarah Burnard
1952023-11-07 19:43:58Sarah Deakin
1962023-11-08 20:26:25Julie Soper
1972023-11-08 17:29:41Michele Savva
1982023-11-08 20:48:34Sarah Burnard
2002023-11-08 19:48:15Barbara Maull