Ninja KT200UK Perfect Temperature Kettle, 1.7L, Black



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Ninja KT200UK Perfect Temperature Kettle, 1.7L, Black

Brew the perfect cup every time

Every hot drink has an optimal brewing temperature that brings out the most flavour. This kettle from Ninja gives you complete control over your hot drinks, from breakfast tea and green tea to hot chocolate and freshly ground coffee.

6 pre-set temperatures

Select from 6 pre-set temperatures ranging from 60°C to 100°C, with simple controls on the digital base. Between 60°C and 90°C is perfect for speciality teas such as oolong, green and white tea. 95°C is perfect for French Press and instant coffee, while 100°C is ideal for black tea, Earl Grey, hot chocolate, chai, instant soup, fruit teas and more.

Complete temperature control

Want to find the perfect temp for your favourite brew? You can also manually increase or decrease the temperature selection in 5°C increments, from 40°C to 100°C.

Rapid Boil

Quickly boil 1 cup in under 50 seconds with 3000W of power. The digital screen displays real-time information as the temperature climbs to your selected pre-set.

Hold Temp for 30 minutes

The clever Hold Temp feature maintains your selected water temperature for up to 30 minutes. Ideal for making a second drink as delicious as the first – no need to re-boil your kettle.

Easy to use

With a large 1.7L capacity, enough for 7 cups, this kettle is easy to fill to your desired level thanks to the handy water window with blue illumination. It’s BPA-free for your peace of mind, and the spout features a removable scale filter for easy cleaning.

Includes drinks guide

If you’re not sure what temperature to use for your favourite drink, check the drinks guide included in the box, featuring handy temperature charts and delicious inspiration.

Winner NameTicket NumberDraw Date
Vicki Brace 29 07/11/2023


Ticket NumberDateName
12023-11-07 18:49:14Jo Disley
22023-11-07 15:10:13Casey Marriott
32023-11-07 15:10:13Casey Marriott
42023-11-07 15:10:13Casey Marriott
52023-11-01 20:10:17Philippa Lohmeyer
62023-11-04 06:15:15Chloe Raisey
72023-11-07 18:42:04Holly Ring
82023-11-07 19:09:17Jane Sharland
92023-11-07 18:42:04Holly Ring
102023-11-07 18:41:49Laura Lees
112023-11-07 16:16:56Sharon Saunders
122023-11-07 09:18:02Debbie Brewer
132023-11-07 19:13:44Jason Brown
142023-11-07 19:41:41Louise Riley
152023-11-07 20:32:23Sally Smith
162023-11-07 09:07:49Michelle Henry
172023-11-07 19:13:44Jason Brown
182023-11-07 20:43:17JOSEPH PARTINGTON
192023-11-07 14:25:22G W
202023-11-07 17:35:49Jay Brownie
212023-11-07 15:10:13Casey Marriott
222023-11-07 15:20:49Emma & lee
232023-11-07 17:20:33Liam Chard-maple
242023-11-06 21:43:48Nadine Smallridge
252023-11-07 18:41:49Laura Lees
262023-11-07 17:35:49Jay Brownie
272023-11-07 15:10:13Casey Marriott
282023-11-05 23:59:30Lorraine Williams
292023-11-07 06:28:05Vicki Brace
302023-11-07 18:34:33Nicole Whitters
312023-11-07 09:53:55Hayley Layton
322023-11-07 09:18:02Debbie Brewer
332023-11-07 17:38:20Amanda Wright
342023-11-06 22:05:03Ross Newham
352023-11-07 20:32:10Sharon Bray
362023-11-07 20:34:31Amy Percival
372023-11-07 19:18:34D T
382023-11-07 18:42:04Holly Ring
392023-11-07 20:32:10Sharon Bray
402023-11-07 16:23:26Sam Harper
412023-11-07 18:58:56Cameron Thompson
422023-11-07 09:18:02Debbie Brewer
432023-11-07 17:20:33Liam Chard-maple
442023-11-07 18:22:04Cassandra Lewis
452023-11-07 14:50:38Joanna Stevenson
462023-11-07 20:02:04Wendy Thompsett
472023-11-07 18:22:04Cassandra Lewis
482023-11-05 23:59:30Lorraine Williams
492023-11-07 20:41:09Gemma Norgate
502023-11-07 16:23:26Sam Harper
512023-11-05 23:59:30Lorraine Williams
522023-11-07 18:42:04Holly Ring
532023-11-07 06:28:05Vicki Brace
542023-11-05 23:59:30Lorraine Williams
552023-11-07 09:07:49Michelle Henry
562023-11-07 17:20:33Liam Chard-maple
572023-11-06 22:05:03Ross Newham
582023-11-07 18:46:17Jo Disley
592023-11-07 18:42:04Holly Ring
602023-11-07 09:18:02Debbie Brewer
612023-11-07 18:41:49Laura Lees
622023-11-07 18:18:28Lucy King
632023-11-07 19:32:13Nigel MARNLEY
642023-11-07 18:41:49Laura Lees
652023-11-07 18:41:49Laura Lees
662023-11-07 11:59:12Laura Hall
672023-11-07 18:42:39emma mccauley
682023-11-07 19:09:17Jane Sharland
692023-11-07 19:08:19Gary King
702023-11-07 20:23:58Nicola Sandry
712023-11-06 20:15:53Samantha Mirfin
722023-11-05 23:59:30Lorraine Williams
732023-11-07 20:43:37Sarah Widdop
742023-11-07 09:18:02Debbie Brewer
752023-11-07 17:20:33Liam Chard-maple
762023-11-07 20:31:51Paige Chapman
772023-11-05 22:16:16Stacey Pearse
782023-11-07 20:32:10Sharon Bray
792023-11-07 18:46:17Jo Disley
802023-11-07 16:16:56Sharon Saunders