Makita DLX2180TJ 18V Brushless Drill & Driver Twin Kit with 2x 5.0Ah Batteries – 10/11



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Makita DLX2180TJ 18V Brushless Drill & Driver Twin Kit with 2x 5.0Ah Batteries

The Makita DLX2180TJ Twin kit contains the DHP484Z 18V LXT Brushless Combi Drill and the DTD153Z 18V brushless impact driver. The kit comes suppled with 2 x 5.0Ah Batteries, 1 x DC18RC Fast Battery Charger and a Makpac Size 3 Carry Case.

The DHP484 is a Cordless Combi Drill that features Makita’s Brushless motor, precision engineered to be up to 50% more efficient than a comparative model. Without brushes in place to apply friction a Brushless motor can produce a greater measure of torque per weight. With more torque at your disposal less power is required for day to day use, adding to the motors efficiency and extending the products overall lifetime as maintenance becomes less of an issue.

The DTD153Z 18V brushless impact driver is ideal for use in outdoor or harsh environments. The outer case design and enhanced dust and drip proof performance makes it much more reliable in comparison to previous models. The DTD153 brushless impact driver features high operation efficiency with a 170Nm max torque, 4 pole motor, keyless single sleeve ¼” hex chuck, accepting M5 – M16 standard bolts, M4 – M8 machine screws making it ideal for repetitive screwdriving.


Winner NameTicket NumberDraw Date
Ashley Thorne 252 10/11/2023


Ticket NumberDateName
12023-11-10 17:47:26Julie Evans
22023-11-10 19:51:13Mark Bradley
32023-11-10 19:52:20Lynne Deeley
42023-11-10 20:11:03Josh Robins
52023-11-10 17:24:04Andrew Clarke
62023-11-10 17:50:00Karen Gardner
72023-11-08 21:17:15Richard O’Neill
82023-11-09 21:08:45Donna lloyd
92023-11-10 19:44:01Paul Smith
102023-11-10 16:48:47Kathryn Budd
112023-11-10 13:05:18Helen Holloway
122023-11-09 21:08:45Donna lloyd
132023-11-04 20:32:49Dave Lander
152023-11-10 19:51:13Mark Bradley
162023-11-10 20:11:03Josh Robins
172023-11-07 22:02:29Cain Brockington
182023-11-09 21:08:45Donna lloyd
192023-11-10 20:55:24Jason Brown
202023-11-10 08:51:55Nico Looze
212023-11-09 21:50:36Scarlett Bennett
222023-11-10 19:02:21Siobhan Clifford
232023-11-10 13:59:36Lucy Grant
242023-11-09 22:15:22Emma Lou
252023-11-10 13:32:44Julia Barrett
272023-11-10 13:05:18Helen Holloway
282023-11-10 07:26:52Helen Holloway
302023-11-10 17:05:08Karen Mclean
312023-11-10 16:58:51Anthony Boult
332023-11-10 14:47:08William Sanders
342023-11-09 22:10:34Jamie Parr
352023-11-10 08:51:55Nico Looze
362023-11-10 18:11:29JOSEPH PARTINGTON
382023-11-10 20:47:52Tyler Hickman
402023-11-10 20:10:59Tara West
422023-11-10 06:33:05Tracey Rowe
452023-11-10 19:16:57Shanon Jonas
482023-11-10 19:06:02Sarah Brickland
492023-11-10 20:40:49Lisa Roberts
502023-11-10 20:56:12SJ Wilson
512023-11-10 13:59:36Lucy Grant
522023-11-10 17:47:26Julie Evans
542023-11-10 17:21:38Katy Dromey
562023-11-10 10:45:28Xavier Marchena Stanciu
572023-11-10 10:30:35Cherry Pearson
592023-11-10 10:30:35Cherry Pearson
602023-11-10 16:30:20Ashley Thorne
612023-11-10 17:47:26Julie Evans
632023-11-10 13:54:13Paul Jonas
642023-11-10 07:32:36Natasha Davies
652023-11-10 08:51:55Nico Looze
672023-11-04 20:32:49Dave Lander
682023-11-10 19:22:19Katie Legg
692023-11-10 17:00:16Mark Wilson
722023-11-09 11:46:43Ashley Thorne
742023-11-10 13:32:44Julia Barrett
752023-11-10 17:47:26Julie Evans
772023-11-10 08:51:55Nico Looze
792023-11-10 19:06:02Sarah Brickland
802023-11-10 19:22:45Helen Lock
812023-11-10 20:36:14Richard O’Neill
822023-11-10 08:51:55Nico Looze
842023-11-10 09:04:57Andrew Lees
852023-11-08 21:38:37Bridgit Hepworth-Kybert
862023-11-10 15:56:36Bruce Evans
882023-11-10 15:31:22Pru Parnell
902023-11-10 20:03:26Kev Hale
922023-11-10 19:02:21Siobhan Clifford
932023-11-10 14:17:27Natalie Holding
942023-11-10 20:43:04Rachael Irvine
952023-11-10 20:36:14Richard O’Neill
962023-11-10 19:16:57Shanon Jonas
982023-11-10 20:55:24Jason Brown
992023-11-10 17:47:26Julie Evans
1002023-11-10 20:00:04Drew Worthington