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  • Shepherd’s Roast, from our Master Butchers 2.8kg

Spring is officially here and for us that means one thing… incredibly sweet and succulent Spring Lamb! As well as a few other local farmers, we work closely with Ben Mortimore who farms just across the River Exe at Powderham. He has a flock of Poll Dorset ewes; a unique, native breed that are beautifully suited to the mild and sheltered micro-climate of the Exe Estuary. They tend to lamb earlier than most commercial flocks, giving us some of the earliest lamb in the country.

Our Shepherd’s Roast is a whole shoulder of lamb, skilfully boned, de-fatted, then rolled around a cylinder of our hand-blended stuffing by our Master Butchers. Easy to carve and delicious!

  • 2kg Devon New Potatoes –  Beautiful, fresh and full of flavour! Optimal climatic conditions mean that Cornwall and Devon yield the earliest of the UKs potato crop each year. Devon New Potatoes are incredibly versatile; they are delicious simply boiled with a knob of butter or fried with little bit of garlic and rosemary.
  • 750g Broccoli – Delicious simply steamed, or in a Broccoli & Cauliflower Cheese!
  • 750g Parsnips  – You can’t beat golden, honey glazed parsnips with a Sunday roast!
  • 750g Carrots – Incredibly versatile, we love our carrots roasted with honey, for something a little different try adding some garlic!
  • 1 x Cauliflower –Whether you’re steaming, roasting or making cauli cheese, you can’t be the nutty and sweet flavour of cauliflower.
  • 1 x Bulb of Garlic, grown on The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight – Colin, Jenny and their family have been growing and hand picking their garlic on the Isle of Wight for over 40 years. The unique conditions mean the garlic is bursting with flavour.
  • Bunch of Fresh Rosemary
  • 1 x The Bay Tree Rich and Fruity Redcurrant & Rosemary Gravy –  Emma Macdonald marries traditional cooking methods with innovative flavours to create The Bay Tree’s delicious sauces
  • Rose Farm Mint Sauce – Crafted locally in Wedmore, Somerset, using carefully selected ingredients to produce unique local and family recipes made by hand in open pans.; this mint sauce is brimming with the flavour of real mint which has been grown in Britain. You can’t beat the classic combination of mint sauce and roast lamb!
  • Rococo Chocolate Eggs These remarkably realistic, handcrafted chocolate eggs are finished with a fine sugar shell! Founded almost 40 years ago, the Rococo chocolatiers craft all of their amazing chocolates by hand in small batches in their London kitchen. The team are passionate about using only the best and most ethically sourced ingredients; working with cocoa suppliers who are attentive to sustainability and to a fairer cocoa industry.

*At times hamper contents may vary due to stock availability, but items will be replaced with products of the same or higher value and quality.

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