AUTO WIN – The Chocolate Adventurer’s Hamper – 25/11



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AUTO WIN – The Chocolate Adventurer’s Hamper – 25/11


The Chocolate Adventurer’s Hamper includes:

Boxed selections:

Milk to Caramel Sleekster – Mellow and comforting. 34 of our finest milk and caramel-milk chocolates.

Exuberantly Fruity Sleekster – 38 filled and solid chocolates celebrating fruit in all its glory, from strawberry to sour cherry.

Patisserie Luxe – A generous selection of 44 bakes and desserts reimagined as filled and solid chocolates.


Our take on the French patisserie, in three different recipes: Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and Neapolitan – with authentically fruity strawberry whip between chocolate discs: one milk, one white.


Solid chocolate Batons in four different recipes: 40% Milk, Caramel, White and Raspberry-White. The perfect way to experience the tasting notes of our distinct chocolate grades.

Slab Selectors:

Made for sharing or savouring, our slabs are inspired by the shape of molten chocolate when you pour it onto the cool marble of a chocolatier’s table. You’ll find three different Slabs in this hamper:

Mississippi Mud Pie Slab – Inspired by the American dessert. A melange of milk and white chocolate, with a delightful biscuit crunch and a drizzle of dark chocolate.

Raspberry Riot Slab – 40% milk chocolate, dolloped with zingy yet creamy raspberry-white, alongside pieces of crunchy biscuit and raspberry.

Fruit & Nut Slab – 40% milk chocolate packed with whole hazelnuts, almonds, raisins and cranberries.

Chocolate puddles:

In three different recipes: Strawberries & Cream, Dark Ginger and Salted Caramel. Presented in elegant bow-tied bags, these blissful bite-size creations are sure to brighten your day.

Lovely Little Things:

Dapper Dogs – A selection of 12 cute-as-a-button pups cast in 40% milk chocolate, with creamy white and rich dark chocolate detailing.

Dark Chocolate Almonds – A little bag of almonds enrobed in a crisp, caramelised shell and then a layer of dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Brazil Nuts – A little bag of Brazil nuts coated in lashings of 65% dark chocolate.

Winner NameTicket NumberDraw Date
Ayesha Davies 453 25/11/2023


Ticket NumberDateName
12023-11-25 15:44:07Kirsty Hodges
22023-11-25 21:51:50Odette Eddy
32023-11-24 22:07:20Carly Kelly
42023-11-22 21:32:18Terianne Robson-Burrell
52023-11-25 19:21:48No Christine Scarbrough
62023-11-25 21:18:49Naomi still
72023-11-25 08:56:21Sadie Vicary
82023-11-25 21:51:50Odette Eddy
92023-11-25 11:49:27Kevin Hayes
102023-11-21 19:21:01Jill Higham
112023-11-25 15:34:33Joanne Taylor
122023-11-22 06:17:47R W
132023-11-23 11:19:42Sarah jane Glover
142023-11-25 16:23:40SHAR H
152023-11-25 21:41:11A M
162023-11-25 20:08:45Holly Gawrel
172023-11-21 17:25:43JMS S
182023-11-25 21:36:55d k J
192023-11-25 17:57:53Pamela Johnston
202023-11-25 11:02:44Claire dipple
212023-11-24 07:43:35Joeanne O'connor
222023-11-25 20:42:58Marie Marie
232023-11-25 18:10:48Rach W
242023-11-23 11:23:52Emma Lou
252023-11-25 22:02:29Odette Eddy
262023-11-25 22:49:13Sharon Longbottom
272023-11-21 17:25:43JMS S
282023-11-23 07:12:45G W
292023-11-25 22:35:56Kayleigh Bakalarz
302023-11-24 22:58:10Diane Fox
312023-11-25 20:03:44Lee Gable
322023-11-25 16:17:06Rebecca Watson
332023-11-23 11:19:42Sarah jane Glover
342023-11-21 20:34:51Melanie Marks
352023-11-25 15:46:10Sharon Smith
362023-11-24 17:44:25Rebecca Watson
372023-11-25 17:39:29Nikki Ferrier
382023-11-25 20:54:29Jem V
392023-11-23 19:36:28Jemima Hember
402023-11-25 17:57:53Pamela Johnston
412023-11-25 20:34:30Lacey Laird
422023-11-25 10:32:21Tyler Haynes
432023-11-25 20:42:58Marie Marie
442023-11-25 08:53:44Kelly Parker
452023-11-25 20:40:09Charlotte Sutton
462023-11-25 20:45:58Jennie Barnard
472023-11-23 11:19:42Sarah jane Glover
482023-11-25 21:25:46E L
492023-11-25 18:10:48Rach W
502023-11-25 08:47:50Sami Knott
512023-11-25 18:33:16Sally Newland
522023-11-22 18:54:38rosie bradley
532023-11-25 18:13:58Kerry McLean
542023-11-25 20:23:48Justine Cooper
552023-11-25 13:51:48Stacey Easter
562023-11-21 16:12:41S S
582023-11-25 22:39:37Lorraine Williams
592023-11-25 20:02:14Donald Hughes
602023-11-25 19:40:49Mrs B
612023-11-25 20:49:55marion clark
622023-11-23 21:42:04Kaylie T
632023-11-24 17:34:50Ann Chase
642023-11-24 17:44:25Rebecca Watson
652023-11-25 21:09:40Patricia Leworthy
662023-11-25 21:51:50Odette Eddy
672023-11-25 16:17:06Rebecca Watson
682023-11-25 22:02:29Odette Eddy
692023-11-21 16:12:41S S
702023-11-24 22:58:10Diane Fox
712023-11-25 22:02:29Odette Eddy
722023-11-25 13:52:26Ben Coggins
742023-11-25 21:51:50Odette Eddy
752023-11-25 21:37:18Ian Handa
762023-11-25 18:13:58Kerry McLean
772023-11-25 06:42:54Nichola Brown
782023-11-25 21:20:39K W
792023-11-25 21:51:50Odette Eddy
802023-11-25 21:25:46E L
812023-11-25 22:39:37Lorraine Williams
822023-11-25 22:49:13Sharon Longbottom
832023-11-25 21:47:08Lyn Peters
842023-11-25 22:39:37Lorraine Williams
852023-11-25 17:41:46Lorna Smith
862023-11-25 22:49:13Sharon Longbottom
872023-11-25 16:14:17Kayleigh Garrett
882023-11-25 22:49:13Sharon Longbottom
892023-11-25 22:02:29Odette Eddy
902023-11-25 22:02:29Odette Eddy
912023-11-25 21:51:50Odette Eddy
922023-11-25 16:17:06Rebecca Watson
932023-11-25 20:52:35Ann-Marie Hopkins
942023-11-25 17:56:55Loren Cox
952023-11-22 02:37:39Teresa norman
962023-11-25 19:40:50Kim Hakewill
972023-11-25 11:02:44Claire dipple
982023-11-25 21:51:50Odette Eddy
992023-11-25 20:09:58Ryan Finch
1002023-11-25 18:13:58Kerry McLean