AUTO WIN-Meta Quest 2, All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset and Controllers, 256GB



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AUTO WIN-Meta Quest 2, All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset and Controllers, 256GB

Quest 2 is the all-in-one system that sets you free to roam in VR. Simply put on the headset and enter fully immersive, imagination-defying worlds. A built-in battery, super-fast processor and high-resolution display keep your experience smooth and seamless, while 3D positional audio, hand tracking and haptic feedback make virtual worlds feel real. Meet, play and build communities with people from all over the world. Join quests, revolutionise your fitness regime, or collaborate with colleagues in innovative workspaces. And if you want to let friends and family into your VR experience, you can cast it to a compatible TV or screen as it unfolds*.

An incredible multi-sensory experience immerses you in cinematic, 3D positional audio through built-in speakers, while mind-blowing high-resolution graphics mean you see every detail of every virtual world, even when you’re moving at speed.

An integrated 10,000mAh battery giving up to three hours of gameplay or 10 hours of entertainment, combined with a comfort-driven design, lets you explore deeper and further for longer, every time you step into VR.

Intuitive Touch controllers transport your movements directly into VR. Explore over 1,000 titles by connecting your VR headset to a gaming-compatible computer with a Meta Quest Link cable (PC and cable sold separately). Share the experience with virtual social spaces, multiplayer gaming and virtual stadiums. Let others watch your performance by casting your VR experience to compatible TVs and other screens. There’s no end to what you can play, create and discover with Meta Quest 2.

Quest 2 requires your Facebook account to log in, so it’s easy to meet up with your friends in VR or discover communities around the world. Helpfully, you can choose to explore as yourself or by a new name, just by creating a unique VR profile.

*Please note: Meta Quest 2 requires a mobile device, wireless internet access and the Meta app (free download) to set up the device. Account registration is also required.


Winner NameTicket NumberDraw Date
Joanne Stewart 3 27/11/2023


Ticket NumberDateName
12023-11-26 06:59:29Karen Fletcher
32023-11-27 18:44:12Joanne Stewart
42023-11-27 19:49:23Lauren Burton
52023-11-22 21:49:27Victoria Offord
62023-11-27 20:54:57E L
72023-11-27 20:49:02Jonathan Mills
92023-11-27 00:27:02Kelly Wagstaff
102023-11-26 06:59:29Karen Fletcher
112023-11-27 11:56:25Emma Hancock
122023-11-27 20:13:44NEIL wagstaffe
132023-11-27 20:04:19Lorna Marsden
142023-11-27 20:53:06Simon Towers
152023-11-27 19:51:47Adam Welsman
162023-11-27 19:07:04Kim Adams
172023-11-27 10:36:46Lee Gable
182023-11-27 19:33:10Amanda Moore
202023-11-27 13:08:49Laura Nickels
212023-11-27 15:46:00Jennifer White
222023-11-27 13:45:48Emma & lee
232023-11-27 20:58:32James Cozens
242023-11-27 19:35:37karen green
252023-11-27 19:35:37karen green
262023-11-27 19:30:08Melissa Pryce
272023-11-27 19:51:01Chanel Wardman
282023-11-27 20:29:31Ria Dance
292023-11-27 19:03:22Michael White
302023-11-27 00:09:43Cristian Mocanu
312023-11-27 19:58:17Louise Martin
332023-11-27 20:52:43Kate Hunt
342023-11-26 15:58:15Jackie Staines
352023-11-27 20:17:27Jess Feakins
362023-11-27 19:06:28Vicky Heeley
372023-11-27 20:05:33Sophie Hodge
382023-11-26 21:36:27Shiobhan Westcott
392023-11-27 09:34:29Amber Ley
402023-11-27 19:25:04Ben Sene
412023-11-27 20:49:33Darryl Gumbrill
422023-11-27 20:09:06Jackie Staines
432023-11-27 08:27:11Lau X
442023-11-26 21:41:23Rachi B
452023-11-22 21:49:27Victoria Offord
462023-11-27 00:27:02Kelly Wagstaff
472023-11-27 00:27:02Kelly Wagstaff
482023-11-27 07:56:17Antony Kelly
492023-11-27 17:39:36Dee Williams
512023-11-27 20:58:52Daniel Tribble
522023-11-26 21:41:23Rachi B
532023-11-27 19:01:25Amber Ley
542023-11-26 21:41:23Rachi B
552023-11-26 21:36:27Shiobhan Westcott
562023-11-26 16:50:44Sami Knott
572023-11-27 01:22:39DHLB W
582023-11-27 09:31:02Amanda Royal
592023-11-22 21:49:27Victoria Offord
602023-11-27 20:31:26Naomi Rose
612023-11-27 20:28:33julie tucker
622023-11-27 20:36:12Jake Williams
632023-11-27 17:14:20Amanda Logue
642023-11-27 19:12:56Shane Seldon
652023-11-27 19:06:34Amy Petherick
662023-11-27 19:08:48Chris Carr
672023-11-27 18:44:12Joanne Stewart
682023-11-22 21:49:27Victoria Offord
692023-11-27 20:53:06Simon Towers
712023-11-26 21:41:23Rachi B
722023-11-26 06:59:29Karen Fletcher
732023-11-27 19:31:41Julie Smith
742023-11-27 00:29:26Stacey B
752023-11-22 21:49:27Victoria Offord
762023-11-23 23:42:46Nicholas Bond
772023-11-27 19:13:53Tracey Pahel
782023-11-26 19:56:32Bryan Gunstone
792023-11-26 21:36:27Shiobhan Westcott
812023-11-26 06:59:29Karen Fletcher
822023-11-27 20:59:42L Rochester
832023-11-27 19:09:49Liam Conway
852023-11-27 20:16:21Alan Underhill
862023-11-27 20:08:45Amber Ley
872023-11-23 23:42:46Nicholas Bond
882023-11-25 23:11:21David Southern
892023-11-27 19:28:58Charlotte Sawyer
902023-11-27 00:27:02Kelly Wagstaff
912023-11-27 18:44:26lydia Thorbergsen
932023-11-26 21:41:23Rachi B
942023-11-27 20:29:31Ria Dance
952023-11-27 00:27:02Kelly Wagstaff
962023-11-27 19:44:43Stephanie Hartnoll
972023-11-27 07:56:17Antony Kelly
982023-11-27 19:39:18Wayne West
992023-11-26 19:56:32Bryan Gunstone
1002023-11-27 19:45:20Tia Rice