How to Win Instant Cash Online

While many compers will happily enter regular competitions and play the waiting game to win cash, many want a quicker option.

Winning cash instantly online is extremely doable these days. However, if you’re new to entering competitions, you may not know how to start doing this.

Treat this blog as a guide on finding competition sites and entering instant win cash competitions.

What are instant win cash games?

Instant win cash games are as they sound. They are competitions where you can enter and find out the result instantly. 

These differ from regular competitions because there is no waiting process. The competition provider determines the result you need to win the game before it goes live.

Examples of this include:

  • Some competitions have a specific time you need to enter to win. For example, you will immediately win if you enter around 3 pm (the chosen time) and are the closest to that time.
  • Some competitions have a specific winning ticket number. Simply, if you pick the winning number, you automatically win.

When you enter an instant cash competition, choose the number of tickets you want, receive an email or call if you win, and if not, move on to another competition.

You can also win gift cards instead of cash in these competitions.

Can you win real money online instantly?

One question many people have concerning instant win cash games is, “Are they actually instant?”. If you are new to instant win competitions, you might assume that the “instant” part isn’t correct.

However, these competitions really are instant.

Because of how we set them up on Competition Fox, these competitions have specific win requirements. Therefore, waiting for a livestream draw to pick a winner is unnecessary.

If you have the winning ticket number for a competition, you will receive a call (to your mobile phone) or email from us telling you that you won the prize straight after paying for your entries. Once you claim the cash prize, we will arrange delivery to your address.

5 steps to winning instant cash online

Now you know that you can win cash in online competitions instantly, the question remains, how?

You need to consider the following things before trying to enter instant win cash competitions:

  • Where can I find instant win cash competitions?
  • How much should I find out about the competition before entering?
  • How many entries should I buy?
  • How many competitions should I enter?
  • Do I need to check If I won the prize?
  • Do I need to claim the prize?

To answer these questions and provide a clear guide on entering instant win cash competitions, here are our 5 steps to winning instant cash online.

1) Find a list of instant cash competitions online

Before you can enter any instant win cash competition, you need to find them. 

The first step is finding legal and fair websites. The last thing you want is unwittingly entering your personal information into a scam website. To learn if a competition site is a scam, type the web address into a specific search site that will identify it as a legal or illegal operator.

If you find a scam site, do not provide any information to them, and report them so other people avoid the site.

Once you find legal competition sites, find the instant win cash competitions you want to enter. When looking for these, consider two things:

  • Find excellent value prizes. For example,  the maximum ticket number per person for a £5000 competition is 100 at £0.9. It is still a game of chance, but your chances of winning the big prize increase with every purchased ticket.
  • Find excellent odds. For example, when the ticket limit is 1000, and you can buy 100 tickets max, the odds are 1 in 10.

Once you find sites that you like, bookmark them so you can find them easily later.

Also, consider searching on social media for competition sites, as many legitimate sites have social media profiles.

2) Read the rules of the cash competitions

Before entering, you should find out certain things about the competition.

First, you should find out if the competition is an instant win or a normal one with a live-stream ballot. It will usually tell you in the competition title, but you can also find out by reading the rules (in the terms and conditions).

Other competition elements you can find out by reading the rules include:

  • The maximum number of competition entrants.
  • The maximum number of instant win competition tickets you can buy.
  • Legal details.
  • How the site will judge the competition.
  • How long the competition will run for.
  • What you need to do if you win the prize.

Once you understand the competition rules, you can decide where to allocate your tickets.

3) Enter as many as you can

The key to winning instant win cash competitions is entering as many competitions as you can.

You may think all this requires is maxing out entries in every competition. However, although this would help you win more competitions, it is a costly option. Most people won’t want to spend a large amount of money on cash competitions (don’t get into a position where you can’t afford to lose). Thankfully, this is not the only option.

If you need to pick and choose the competitions you enter due to financial restrictions, focusing on the ones with the best value and odds is a good idea.

The best value instant win cash competitions offer the highest amounts. For example, if you have to choose between entering a competition for £100 or £5000, buy more tickets for the £5000 one to give yourself the best chance to win the most money.

You also need to consider the odds. For example, if a £1000 instant win cash competition has a maximum number of 100 tickets per person, but a £5000 has 50 tickets, you have much higher odds of winning £1000, even though it’s less money.

Remember that the more competitions you enter, your odds of winning are higher. For example, if you spread 50 tickets across 5 instant win cash competitions, you may have a higher chance of winning one than putting all 50 into one competition.

4) Check if you are a winner

Something that happens when you enter multiple competitions at once is that you have numerous competitions to check. Regular competitions are more time-consuming because of the live-streamed prize drawings.

Thankfully, for instant win cash competitions, you find out right away if you win. However, if you don’t receive a call or email to say you won the prize, check the competition page to see if you’re the winner. 

Make this a habit in the same way as entering competitions daily.

5) Don’t forget to claim your prize

If you win a cash prize in one of the instant win games, you must claim it.

If you don’t claim the prize, the competition provider can reclaim it and put it on offer in a new competition.

Luckily, you have 28 days to claim the prize, which should be plenty of time.

Remembering or setting a reminder for the competition’s closing date will help ensure you claim it as soon as you win.

To put you at ease, every Competition Fox winner (so far) has claimed their prize! We give you enough time and send you reminders.

Win instant cash online with Competition Fox

Now you know the 5 critical steps to winning instant cash online, you could be our next instant win cash competition winner.

Remember the following essential points:

  • Check the competition site before entering competitions to see if it is a scam.
  • Read the competition rules.
  • Enter as many competitions as you can.
  • Check if you won and claim your prize.

If you want to win money instantly on Competition Fox, check out some of our live competitions!

FAQs about winning instant cash online

What are my chances of winning an instant cash prize online?

Your chances of winning an instant cash prize online depend on the odds.

For example, if a £1000 instant win cash competition has a maximum number of 100 tickets per person, but a £5000 has 50 tickets, you have higher odds of winning £1000.

What is the largest amount someone has won from an instant win?

It depends on the type of website. 

For The National Lottery site, for example, people have won millions of pounds from instant wins.

In contrast, the usual amounts on competition sites are in the lower thousands, but there are far more competitions like this.