How Do Instant Win Games Work?

Although instant win games sound straightforward, there is much more to them than it seems.

To win instant win competitions, you need to know how they work.

You may ask the following questions:

  • How do I select an instant win competition to enter?
  • What do I do to enter the competition?
  • What do I do if I win the competition?

If you need help answering these questions or want general insight into how instant win games work, continue reading below.

What is an instant win competition?

An instant win is a competition where you find out if you win or lose as soon as you enter.

In a regular Competition Fox competition, you select tickets and wait for the results in a live-streamed prize draw. Instant wins don’t need this system. They include predetermined outcomes, so you win immediately depending on a specific factor.

For example, there may be a predetermined winning ticket number. If you purchase it, you will get an email or call immediately informing you that you are the winner.

As another example, the competition may have a predetermined entry time, meaning you must enter at a specific time to win. The competition winner will be whoever entered it the closest to the determined time.

How does an instant win game work?

You now know how people win instant games. However, you must still know how the instant win competition process works.

Although there are multiple parts to instant win competitions, they are simple once you understand them.

To give you a great start, here are three of our best tips for understanding how instant win competitions work.

1) Select an instant win game you like

Before entering an instant win competition, you must select one you want to enter.

Doing this may seem simple, but there are multiple elements to consider.

First, you need to determine the overall value of the prize. This is easy to accomplish with some prizes because the value is on the competition page (cash prizes and gift cards). However, you may need to research some prizes. For example, if the prize is a games console, search that console online to find the current retail price.

You should do this because the highest-value prizes will be worth winning. Even if you don’t want the prize, you can still sell it for a high price.

Second, consider the odds of winning the prize. Focus on prizes with the highest odds of winning so you give yourself the best chance to be the winner. For example, if you can only enter the competition 50 times, but there are 1000 maximum entrants, the odds of you winning are 1 in 20.

Last, enter competitions with prizes you want. If you don’t want to overspend on competitions, make prizes you wish to own the priority.

However, our first two points are the key ones to remember. Start with these to choose the most lucrative competitions to enter.

2) Purchase some tickets for a chance to win the prize

Once you decide what instant win competitions you want to enter, you must select tickets for them.

On Competition Fox, playing the game involves numbers from a large online bingo card (you won’t know if you picked a winner number until you pay for entries). You will always have a maximum entry limit, and there will be a maximum number of entrants. Because of this, you will know your exact odds of winning based on how many tickets you buy.

Once you select the tickets, you must enter details, including your full name, email address and mobile phone number. After this, enter your payment details to pay for the tickets (you can save these details for future purchases). 

The terms and conditions on Competition Fox (and other legal and safe competition sites) say that they can only use your payment details when you want to purchase.

Remember, to get the best chance of winning prizes in instant win competitions, enter daily and commit enough tickets to the prizes you want.

3) Claim your prize if you win

If you get a winning ticket in an instant win competition, the provider will contact you to inform you that you’re the winner.

However, this doesn’t put an end to the process. Before receiving the prize, you must claim it.

You can do so via verbal confirmation over the phone or by replying to their email. 

You must do this, or you won’t receive your prize. 

Thankfully, on our site, you have 28 days to claim a prize, and every winner so far has claimed theirs.

Once you claim your prize, we can arrange delivery to send it to you.

Can you win grand prizes from an instant win game?

You can win a massive prize from an instant win game on Competition Fox. To give yourself the best chance of winning, keep the following in mind:

  • Look at prizes with the highest value – research them to find their current retail price.
  • Look at the odds of winning to choose competitions where your chances are high.
  • Max out the tickets (if you can).
  • Remember that it is a game of chance, so there is no guarantee you will win.

Also, remember the key points of the instant win competition entering process, including:

  • Choose a competition.
  • Choose and purchase tickets for it.
  • Claim your prize if you win it.

If you keep all of this in mind, you could be the next person to win a grand prize on Competition Fox. Look at our live competitions to get a great start.

FAQs about how instant win games work

What happens if I win an instant win?

If you win an instant win competition, you will receive word from the competition provider: a text or email. 

After you receive this, claim the prize before arranging delivery with the provider (you have 28 days to do this on Competition Fox).

How do I claim an instant win?

You can claim an instant win competition prize via email or text from the competition provider.

There will be a link to claim your prize. Click on it, and then you can arrange delivery for the prize or prizes.

How long do I have to claim an instant win?

The time you have to claim an instant win depends on the site. You can find this information in the terms and conditions.

For example, on Competition Fox, you have 28 days to claim a prize, and every winner so far has claimed theirs.