Do Entries Ever Win Online Competitions?

If you are new to entering online competitions or are part-time and struggling to win, you may wonder, do online competition entries ever win?

It may seem impossible initially, but experienced compers will tell you there’s always a chance to win online if you stay committed (a good alternative to postal entry).

Continue reading to learn if you can win online competitions, how to increase your chances of winning, the most common competition prizes, and more.

Do online competition entries ever win?

Online competition entries most certainly have a chance to win competitions. 

This doesn’t mean that winning competitions is easy. It’s quite the opposite. If you only enter competitions a few times a year, you’ll likely only win if you get lucky. 

However, if you’re consistent enough, even though you’ll not always win (the odds of winning are around 1 in 1000 for most people), your chances of winning competitions increase significantly (closer to 1 in 100 if you are consistent enough).

If you’re still unsure, on our “Winners” page, you can see who won each of our competitions.

Is it worth entering online competitions?

If you ask yourself, “Is it even worth entering this competition if I will likely not win it”, you should spin it on its head with “Every competition is worth entering if there is a chance I can win it”.

While that chance remains, you should always consider entering if the prize excites you.

What are the most common prizes in online competitions?

There’s almost no end to the massive variety of prizes available in online competitions. If you spend 5 minutes on Competition Fox, you will find many competitions you want to enter immediately.

An excellent competition prize must have two qualities. First, it must hold some form of value, ranging from a £20 gift card to an all-inclusive holiday package. Second, it has to be relevant. For example, if the competition prize is an old TV, it will not be as relevant as a new model because it’s out-of-date.

While we have a range of prizes in our online competitions, they share two things: they’re all valuable and relevant.

If you’re new to competitions, here are some common prizes:

  • Cash prizes – the simplest prize that’ll never go out of fashion; this generally ranges from £100 to £1000.
  • Gift cards or vouchers – money that goes towards a specific website, shop or establishment; keep an eye out for these because you might see one you desperately want.
  • Season-specific prizes like a gift set for Valentine’s Day, for example.
  • Fashion prizes – outfit collections for special occasions like weddings or Mother’s Day/Father’s Day.
  • Holiday packages – these are often all-inclusive packages with flights included (some will also offer extra cash); they’re usually for two or four people.
  • Edible prizes – food and drink packages like hampers and branded packages.
  • Technology prizes – TVs, games consoles, computers, phones and more.
  • Prizes for the home and garden – kitchen utensils, garden toys (a bouncy castle, for example) and equipment, home decorations and more.
  • Cars – these are some of the most valuable prizes you can find, often reaching the tens of thousands.

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How can you increase your chances of winning online competitions?

Now you know that you can win online competitions, you need to know how to win them.

Is it a question of entering the competition and hoping you win, or can you do more?

There are multiple ways you can increase your chances of winning competitions online, including:

    • Ensure you enter competitions every day it’s challenging to maintain consistency unless you have a routine. Therefore, entering competitions daily helps you be more active and consistent. What’s more, it doesn’t take much time and effort.
    • Set reminders to enter competitions – even if you aim to enter competitions daily, you may be busy. Therefore, setting daily reminders on your phone helps you stay on track.
    • Find friends who also comp – they can tag you in new and exciting competitions on social media; you can find them in online or local competition groups.
  • Search social media as well as websites
  • Read the competition rules so you’re fully aware of the closing dates.
  • Enter competitions with bundles of smaller prizes – if you win one of these, it will keep your positive attitude.
  • Find competitions requiring you to answer a question or perform a task like taking a photo – fewer people enter these, so you have a better chance of winning.

Could you be the next Competition Fox winner?

With these tips, we hope we answered your burning question, “Do online competition entries ever win?”.

One key tip to remember to help you win online competitions is to stay on top of competition entering every day. If you make this small change, your chances of winning online competitions will increase.

If you want to adopt some of our tips and become the next Competition Fox winner, we have multiple live competitions up right now for you to start on.

FAQs about winning online competitions

Selecting winners fairly is essential, so we use industry-verified and professional software to randomise the winner selection.

It’ll pick a random winner in the prize draw from every valid competition entry, giving everyone who entered officially a chance to win.

If you see a live competition on our website, there will be a guaranteed winner of that competition.

As long as there are valid entries to the competition, our software will pick one to win, meaning there’s always a winner.

If you’re consistent enough at entering competitions, even though you’ll not always win (the odds of winning are around 1 in 1000 for most people), your chances of winning competitions go up significantly (closer to 1 in 100 if you are consistent enough).