Are Online Instant Win Games Fixed?

We understand if you doubt online competitions due to the simple concept and the multiple scams online. You will likely be even more cautious about instant win games because it isn’t always clear how they work.


Instant win games are opportunities to win prizes immediately. For example, you can win an instant win competition by buying the preselected winning ticket number. Another example is that entering the competition at a specific time can make you the winner.


They are popular because they are quick and have excellent prizes.


However, this popularity comes with equal scrutiny, mainly that instant win games are entirely unfair and fixed. But is this true? Are instant win games fixed?


Read on to learn if instant win games are fixed and predetermined.

Are instant win games fixed?

Instant win games may seem too good to be true at first glance. You enter the competition and discover whether you win or lose it in seconds. Because of this, you may think they are fixed and unfair.


Thankfully, this is not the case. Instant win games are fair and not fixed.


They are fair because they use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine a winner; this keeps the results random. For example, they will do this with an RNG if they need to select a time for the winning entry.


Because of this, people constantly win instant games, even if the prizes are smaller. The largest prizes have the lowest odds (a £5000 cash prize, for example).


Also, the distribution of prizes is fair. There’s a mixture of smaller and larger prizes to give you a chance of winning something.


These games’ questionable reputation stems from the many scam competitions on the internet. You can search these sites to find out if they are safe to enter or illegal. Scam sites will likely want your password or financial information. Don’t provide this information under any circumstances.


If you need more information about an instant win game, the competition site will detail the total number of tickets you can buy in the rules section.

Are the results of instant win cash games predetermined?

Answering whether instant win games are predetermined is complicated; the answer is yes and no.


The winners of the games are not predetermined due to the RNG the games use. The winning numbers or entry times are always random, giving you a fair chance to win.


However, the predetermined element of instant win games is the prizes. The competition provider preselects every prize on offer in the game.


For example, if one of the prizes is £5000, and you win, you only get that prize.


To increase your chances of winning a valuable prize in an instant win game, enter a game with good odds. If you do this, you have a better chance of winning the prize. For example, a £2000 holiday package that you want.

Does it matter what time you play instant win games?

Although you may assume otherwise, there is no best time to play an instant win game. It won’t affect the result no matter what time you choose to play one.


Because of this, you can choose whatever time is most convenient for you. Whether it be when you wake up, on your lunch break or before you go to sleep, it doesn’t matter.


It doesn’t matter because the odds will always stay the same, no matter when you play. Remember that you win or lose instant games based on chance, so timing isn’t a determining factor.

Where can I play instant win games?

Online casinos are The most common place to find instant win games. Many online casino sites offer you a free weekly spin to instantly win prizes (cash, free stakes and more).


Other than online casinos, the most common place to find instant win games is on the National Lottery website. Their site has over 30 Lottery instant win games with massive cash prizes and different styles.


However, you can often find these on online competition sites as well. These are entirely different from instant win games on online casinos or the National Lottery website. Instead of a spinning wheel or scratchcard system, our instant win competitions pick winners based on their entry number or time.


For example, if you enter a competition at 12:15 pm (the winning entry time), you will automatically win. However, if you’re a minute away, you may lose.


On Competition Fox, we often have instant win games with multiple prizes. Remember that while the games are not fixed, there is no guarantee you will win.

Play instant win cash games with Competition Fox

We hope we answered your instant win game questions. You must remember that instant win games are not fixed. If you see an instant win game on a scam website, do not enter it and report the site.


Other aspects of instant win games to keep in mind include:


  • It doesn’t matter what time you play them.
  • You can play them on Competition Fox and other competition sites.
  • The prizes in the instant game are predetermined.
  • The results of the instant game are not predetermined.
  • Choose an instant game with a better prize or better odds.
  • Instant games use an RNG to pick the prize winners.


With this knowledge, look at our instant games on Competition Fox (and our live competitions)!

FAQs about instant win games being fixed

People constantly win instant games, even if they win a cheaper prize. The largest prizes have the lowest odds (a £ 5,000 cash prize, for example).

Random Number Generators (RNG) ensure fair odds, so players will almost always win something (even a small prize).

Winners of instant games are not predetermined due to the RNG the games use. The determining factors for competitions are always random, so your chances of winning are fair.

However, the prizes are predetermined. The competition provider preselects every prize on offer.