Are Online Competitions Safe to Enter?

In an age where our data is as vulnerable as the cash on our person, a lot of people are hesitant to enter online competitions due to uncertainty about their safety. The internet is full of scam sites that run competitions, and the entry process may seem too simple to some.

To put you at ease, we aim to answer the question, are online competitions safe?

Read on to learn about the safety of our competitions.

Are Online Competitions Safe?

If you see an advert for an online free competition (on social media, for example), it’s difficult to know if it’s a scam (a fake competition). 

However, to put you at ease, many legitimate online competition sites are fair and completely safe for you to use.

The easiest way to determine if an online competition is real is to use specific search websites that determine whether a website operates legally. For example, if you entered our company name into one of these sites, you would see a legitimate competition site.

Alternatively, you can paste the competition link into Google to see what other compers say; experienced compers know how to spot a scam.

Three things to keep in mind when entering online competitions

Being vigilant while entering competitions is critical, especially if you’re not certain that a competition is not a scam.

While being cautious is a good place to start, ask specific questions to determine if the website is legitimate quickly.

How long has the website been operating?

A massive red flag for online competition sites is finding out that they are very new, or being unable to find out when they started operating.

Usually, when you enter into a website, it’ll have an “about us” page that normally determines when it started operating. If a website doesn’t have this, it can be a sign that the company is a scam. However, it is not definitive, so paste the website on a relevant search site to find out when it started operating.

A legitimate business like ours has a traceable business history and a reputation for honest and legitimate business, meaning that you’re completely safe while you try to win competitions.

Is there transparency about how the online competition works?

Our website gives a transparent outline of how the competition works and what you can win. For example, some details on a live competition page you can enter include:

  • A clear closing date for the competition.
  • A graphic shows the total number of entry tickets and how many remain.
  • A link to the T&Cs for all the details about the competition, including competition entry specifics, legal information, promotion periods, the judgement process, personal data and more.
  • A button that allows you to check that your name and allocated number are in the entry list for the competition.
  • An extensive description of the prize, including its key function, relevant dimensions, accessories (if it has any), age limit and more.

Use our competition pages as an example of what sort of information to look for on a competition page. If a page doesn’t have this, it may be a scam. For example, if the only details about the prize are a name and image, they may not have a prize.

At the very least, check the competition site’s terms and conditions. No T&Cs is a massive warning sign. Assume this site is a scam and do not enter the competition.

Are you being pressured to give away personal information?

Another aspect of online competitions that can make people uneasy is handing over data when you enter. Legal online competition sites cannot use your information for any other purpose than contacting you or sending you promotions (if you opt-in).

If an online competition wants any private password or banking details, don’t provide these, as it’s a scam that will use your data maliciously.

If you leave the competition page open or don’t delete everything, the site may pressure you with emails that say you’ll miss out on a big prize if you don’t give them bank account or password information. Remember that this is a scam, and ignore these emails or block the email address. 

Delete all the information you entered on the competition page, exit the page and the website, and flag the site as a scam on a relevant website or forum.

Enter our trusted online competition for a chance to win

We understand that you may take a cautious approach to online competitions, so reading this should help you find ways to see whether a competition is legitimate and safe.

If you’re in doubt about a new competition site, come back to this page if you need to, and remember to get answers to the following questions:

  • How long has the website been operating?
  • Is there transparency about how the online competition works?
  • Do you feel pressured to give away personal information?

Now you know that we operate our competitions safely and legitimately, you can enter one of our trusted live competitions for a chance to win a brilliant prize.

FAQs about online competition safety

How do I know if an online competition is a scam?

There are multiple ways to determine whether an online competition is a scam. Some examples include:

  • Check if the site has T&Cs.
  • Check for detailed prize descriptions.
  • Search the website online for professional opinions.
  • See if the online competition wants financial or password details from you.

How can I stay safe when entering online competitions?

The primary tip for staying safe when entering an online competition is not to provide personal details like financial information or passwords. Without this information, the scammer cannot harm you.

Another tip is to use a VPN while on these sites to give yourself an extra layer of protection.